Polonious New Release 20.1

Polonious is proud to release 20.1 of our Case Management System featuring a new Case user interface with a very flexible layout engine. For more information:

Accounting integration

Polonious integrates with popular accounting applications including MYOB, Quicken and Xero   Save time and resources by exporting case financial data with your accounting application of choice. Polonious can export invoice formats compatible with QuickBooks, MYOB...

Report case progress automatically

Get real-time updates on the status and progress of cases and projects, all in the format of your choice   Polonious enables custom business intelligence and reporting for up-to-date case and project metrics. Reporting is done with Business Intelligence Reporting...
Polonious not vulnerable to ‘Java Zero Day Exploit’

Polonious not vulnerable to ‘Java Zero Day Exploit’

On Sunday, a new vulnerability was reported on the newswire relating to a Java vulnerability in the frequently used ‘commons-collection’ library. This reportedly affects java web-based applications world-wide. Polonious’ development and security team reacted to this...