Jay Properjohn & Alastair Steel

Alastair Steel (Polonious) presents Jay Properjohn (RAC Insurance) with the award.

For the fourth year in a row, Polonious were proud to sponsor the IAATI Insurance Investigator of the Year Award.

Alastair Steel from Polonious attended the IAATI dinner in Melbourne.

The recipient Jay Properjohn of RAC Insurance had conducted a detailed multidisciplined investigation into a staged accident that eventually linked to a fraud ring with over 60 offenders involved.

The initial indicator was an overinsured Mercedes, from there document examination led to more suspicions, the key being a lack of receipts. The insured was also being assisted by her son who knew more about the vehicle purchase than the insured.

Jay then completed an ad hoc reconstruction which showed the damage was inconsistent with the version supplied by the insured. Indications were that the vehicle was stationary at the time of the accident.

Other factors were:

  • Point of impact and damage was inconsistent with vehicles attempting to avoid a collision.
  • Contradictions between versions in the insurance and police reports.
  • Cash purchase.
  • Links between parties on social media
  • It was a great evening that reinforced the value of IAATI and similar organisations to the investigation industry.

    Polonious was proud to be involved and support IAATI.

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