Industries & Use Cases

Polonious is helping many different industries streamline their processes while helping with compliance.

Our clients range from small to large size teams in private investigation companies, large insurance carriers, banks as well as universities and government departments. 

Insurance Investigations

Ensure you meet your compliance obligations with defined workflows and clear decision points, while capturing data to improve your ROI.

Banking Fraud & AML / KYC

Integrate with analytics engines and confidentially investigate internal and external fraud, while meeting AML and KYC reporting obligations.

Private Investigations

Collect evidence and track investigator time in one easy step. Pre-fill reports and invoices for clients.

Universities & Education

Manage a transparent and fair investigation process in accordance with your rules, and facilitate and record committee decisions with simple online forms.

GICOP changes 2021Download the GICOP whitepaper and stay compliant.

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