Polonious for Banking

Prior to Polonious we were using a conglomeration of spreadsheets, Word, files in subfolders which were in other subfolders. Polonious has… [continued below]

Paul Dillon

SIU Director, Kentucky Employers, Mutual Insurance

“In the last twelve months, we’re running at 180 cases – a massive 38% increase in productivity from pre Polonious”

Business Analyst

Claims Services

“Polonious provides us with great transparency and keeps us up to date on workflows, which allows us to proactively smooth out bumps, manage individual workloads and provide reporting on how we are tracking against our target results.”

National Manager


Currently Polonious is being used within the banking sector for;

  • Internal Fraud.
  • Credit Card Fraud Investigations and Recoveries.
  • Online Fraud.
  • Global Security.
  • Corporate Asset Finance.
  • Information Security.
  • Polonious has build custom workflows to enable appropriate rigour and record collection during the investigation process. All actions taken, metrics required for reporting and evidence collection to support further action or non-action are built into the process to ensure:

  • Due process is followed.
  • Procedural fairness is ensured.
  • Complex process designs encompass legal requirements of the organisation and governing laws.
  • Roles and responsibilities are defined and recorded.
  • Metric reporting is complete and activity based.
  • Provenance of all evidence is recorded and preserved.
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