Polonious for Private Investigations Firms

“We have seen between 20 and 25% decrease in administration costs”
Patrick Carroll

Horsemen Inc., USA

“We are continually endorsing Polonious through our own marketing and demonstrations. Every time we pitch a customer, we demonstrate our case management solution VIMS (Polonious)”

Jarrod Bowditch

Verifact Australia

“Polonious is easily the best business decision we’ve ever made. Everybody here uses the system and they love it!”
Lisa Hickman

CSI Investigations, USA

Improve productivity


Patrick Carroll from Horsemen Inc. says: “We have seen between 20 and 25% decrease in the administration costs…”


At Polonious we are helping our clients…


Reduce time throughout the case process with powerful report generation tools
Speed up client and field communications with built-in email templates. You’ll never find yourself rewriting the same business communications over and over.
Share information about a case easily on mobile devices, laptops and desktops.
Monitor status and progress from one central point. Eliminate meetings, spreadsheets, schedule boards, post-it notes, file carts and reduce coordination time with a single source of truth.
Know their costs on any case instantly. Field investigators and specialists easily record every task, every mile and every hour on a case.
Easily integrate every day with their accounting and invoicing systems

How to improve your productivity with Polonious


Work with our industry experts to build your business processes into Polonious using our flexible workflow design tool. Our system embeds best practices to improve quality, consistency and delivery for your growing client base.

Continuous Improvements. Our bi-annual software releases enabling productivity enhancements for all our clients.

Polonious has saved us thousands of dollars and provides a greater level of customer service. I really wonder what we did without it now.
Dana Blakely

OnTrack Investigations

Improve client relationships and grow your business

Ensure your clients see your value-add clearly. Polonious embeds your best practice directly into the tool. 

  • All reports are consistent.
  • All communications are standardized.
  • All branding is consistent.
  • All protocols and best practices are followed.
  • All progress reports match exactly the data in the final reports.
  • All commentary from the field and evidence gathered are automatically included in a consistent manner.

We help protect your brand by automating best practices within Polonious.

“…We are continually endorsing Polonious through our own marketing.. and demonstrations… every time we pitch a customer, we demonstate our case management solution VIMS (Polonious)…”

Jarrod Bowditch – Verifact

Real time Collaboration

Proving value to your clients and keeping them in the in the loop can be challenging. Many of our customers were living inside their email boxes before we helped them find a better way. They just simply didn’t have time to nurture and develop client relationships.

Our customers have been able to build their relationships with clients by giving them clear, consistent, timely and accurate updates on their cases every time through Polonious automation tools. What’s more, they’ve been able to supply their clients with insightful Client Relationship Reports which allow them to periodically demonstrate the real value of their relationships.

“…The technology has improved our level of service to our clients and enabes us to run a more efficient and monitored business…”

Ed Carpenter – Horsemen Inc.

Knox Grade Security

More and more, your clients are demanding that you conform to rigorous security standards that have now become unwieldy and burdensome. The list of their requirements is usually long and difficult to meet from an IT perspective.

Polonious Knox Grade security helps you meet these requirements and check all the boxes. Our clients can feel confident they’ll meet critical RFP security requirements.

Ask your internal security expert if they have all these:
WAF, SEIM, NIDS, HIDS, ISO27001:2015 certification, BCP, DRP, Encryption-at-rest, VPN access, MFA and most importantly, answers to more than 800 SIG questions (Standardized Information Gathering – becoming an insurance industry standard security questionaire.).

Solve your IT challenges
Information Technology is rapidly changing year on year. The IT investment cycle never ceases and the cost of adapting, preventing, correcting and fixing software can be substantial.

As your client get more sophosticated in their IT security and compliance needs, you are faced with a dilemma – will your IT team keep up or is it time to supplement them with one that will?

Polonious has been partnering with clients for over a decade, solving It problems together and ensuring they stay secure and relevant in a rapidly changing world.

In 9 years Polonious has never crashed, including one time where the whole city flooded and every other system failed.

Jarrod Bowditch, Verifact

“…Polonious is easily the best business decision we’ve ever made. Everybody here uses the system and they love it!.”

Lisa Hickman – CSI Investigations

Consistent Partner

The Polonious team combines industry expertise in both Fraud and IT, which makes us the perfect partner for you into the future.
Polonious works with you, in partnership, over the long term to improve your organization. Our longest-standing client joined us 10 years ago,. Our biggest carrier client has committed to an additional five years.

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