“When it comes to fraud, there is an endless variety of ways to steal, but with a systematic investigative process, investigators can improve the effectiveness and consistency of their investigations.”

Shane De Kauwe is the Director of Sales for Polonious and Author of The Law of Fraud: An Australian Investigator’s Guide. Shane’s expertise is the result of a unique combination of formal training in law, and twenty-five years of specialist practice in law enforcement, national security, and corporate fraud investigation/prevention, particularly in the finance sector.

Shane will use a fraud example to demonstrate the differences between fraud laws across Australia, and how understanding those legal differences provides Investigators with investigational advantages in the pursuit of fraud offenders.
About Polonious World

Polonious World is a free-to-attend event for investigators by Polonious – a world-leading Case Management software product for teams from 1-1000 investigators. It covers topics as varied as investigation techniques, running investigations teams, unique investigation case stories such as Operation Pendennis, Donnie Brasco and others as well as being a great networking event for investigation teams from Australia and around the world.

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