Polonious World 2018 is over.  What a great day that was for us and our clients.

Our speakers covered LA homicide, Child Safety, Geospatial intelligence, Polonious, Training, IASIU, Productivity and many other subjects. It all made for an excellent day’s knowledge transfer and networking for over 100 delegates.

We would like to thank our excellent speakers for travelling so far and preparing so well:

  • Dallas Barnes, IASIU
  • Ryan Banks, Geointel.org
  • Tim Riley, Port of LA
  • Rick Sheperd, Polonious USA
  • Steve Epstein, Polonious USA
  • Steve Hebble, Sintelix
  • Shane De Kauwe, Polonious
  • Alastair Steel, Polonious
  • Stuart Guthrie, Polonious

We also announced the release of Polonious version 18.2* which we are very proud of and shared our aspirations and plans for our product and services over the next two years.



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