Polonious World 2018, 2nd August 2018. Free-to-attend conference on all things investigations, fraud, technology-related.

“Training is more than simply learning how to use the software and hardware in a system but also managing change and the concepts of process-orientation.”

About the speaker

Dr. Steve Epstein Ph.D. Is the VP of Technical Services for Polonious Case Management Systems. He is a 19 year veteran of technology in relating to the insurance industry where he worked for an MGA and a leading fraud investigations firm in the USA as the IT Director. Steve’s Ph.D. specializes in training on enterprise systems.


About Polonious World

Polonious World is a free-to-attend event for investigators by Polonious – a world-leading Case Management software product for teams from 1-1000 investigators. It covers topics as varied as investigation techniques, running investigations teams, unique investigation case stories such as Operation Pendennis, Donnie Brasco and others as well as being a great networking event for investigation teams from Australia and around the world.

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