With GICoP now in force, download our free compliance guideAustralia’s insurance industry is undergoing the biggest regulatory and compliance changes in its history and Polonious is at the forefront of tracking the changes.

To help you keep up, we have prepared a report detailing how the changes directly impact insurance companies.

The guide, New General Insurance Code of Practice: A reference guide to how changes will impact fraud investigations, outlines the penalties for non-compliance and shows how you can not only meet the compliance requirements, but improve your business as a result.

Download your free copy now to:

  • Make sense of the new legally binding investigation rules as they apply to investigators
  • Learn how compliance can help you avoid heavy financial penalties
  • Avoid breaches being escalated to AFCA and ASIC
  • Use the changes as an opportunity to streamline your business
  • Improve investigation information management with new technology
  • Boost customer satisfaction and relationships, and increase referral marketing

Keep ahead of compliance

The guide also helps you quickly locate the 42 points in the new code that affect insurance investigations with its included summary.

If you would like a printed copy, ask us and we will get one mailed to you. Also, If you would like guidance in managing the new General Insurance Code of Practice, contact Polonious Systems today.

Since 2005, Polonious Systems has provided scalable workflow management and risk assessment software to businesses of all sizes. We are committed to staying ahead of technological advancements and providing advice and support with IT capabilities across insurance investigation, banking, private investigations, and education. We’re renowned for our wealth of experience, professional conduct, and willingness to support our clients comprehensively.

If you would like assistance in managing and understanding the new General Insurance Code of Practice, contact the Polonious Systems team and find out what we can do for you.


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