Polonious for Insurance investigations

"Polonious provides us with great transparency and keeps us up to date on workflows, which allows us to proactively smooth out bumps, manage individual workloads and provide reporting on how we are tracking against our target results."

National Manager


"In the last twelve months, we’re running at 180 cases - a massive 38% increase in productivity from pre Polonious"

Business Analyst

Claims Services

Prior to Polonious we were using a conglomeration of spreadsheets, Word, files in subfolders which were in other subfolders. Polonious has... [continued below]

Paul Dillon

SIU Director, Kentucky Employers, Mutual Insurance

Focus your resources

Reduce meetings, emails, spreadsheets, paper case files and whiteboards with one place to find any case information

Reduce manual communications time with automated emails, texts and reports.

Generate case logs, running sheets, interim reports, cost reports, even final reports straight out of your team’s case updates, photos and video links automatically

Improve and prove your unit's ROI

Communicating effectively can be a key factor in growing your company’s fraud-fighting capability. We’ve helped units triple their allocated budgets due to clear ROI reporting combined with improved productivity.

  • Illustrate your unit’s ROI at any time with graphs, charts and trend analysis.
  • Analyse and visualise your team's turnaround times.
  • Emphasize your team’s effectiveness.
  • Reduce legitimate claims turnaround times by 50%.
  • Score, compare and manage your vendors.
  • Manage certificate expiry and renewals.

"...prior to Polonious investigators handled 130 cases per year. After one year, this increased to 165 investigations per year a 27% increase in productivity.

In the last twelve months, we’re running at 180 cases - a massive 38% increase in productivity from pre Polonious.

...product improvements have enabled a further 9% improvement (on top of the other gains) in productivity over the last 3 years."

Business Analyst

Claims Services

Polonious helps you solve your IT challenges

Polonious has a minimal draw on your IT resources both at the project delivery and integration stages compared to similar products.


Polonious is designed to be implemented by the ‘business team’ (our industry experts and yours) working to extract the maximum productivity out of the tool with configuration only.

The design, training and implementation work can all be done with almost no need of IT resources.

Polonious has easy to use integration capability.

Integrations include:

  • Guidewire
  • Multiple fraud analytic solutions
  • Link Analysis via Analyst Notebook
  • Fraud Referrals from multiple rules engines
  • Social Media from several vendors
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